Thursday, 30 July 2015

Celebrate Rakshabandhan with FBN

We are a family of five; mom, dad, two younger brothers, and of course me. Life was amazingly beautiful since childhood. Being eldest of all three of us, I always cared for both of my brothers and loved them from the bottom of my heart. Their happiness was mine, their problems hurt me, and their achievements were my pride. 

Celebrate Rakshabandhan with FBN

Nonetheless, I won’t hesitate to admit that I had fights and quarrels with my immediate younger brother at times, which is quite natural in a relationship of brother and sister. The youngest bro was too small to fight with so we both poured our love on him all the time. This is how we grew up. It was amazing to feel so special on the day of Rakhi when they both would admit their love for me. Well, after completing engineering, I got a job in another city and this was the time to leave the home and make career. 

Dreams in eyes on one side and emotions for family on the other, I somehow managed to involve with this next phase of life. We are now used to the things and it is all okay to see one another at specific intervals. However, the truth of my life is that I miss those childhood fights and that sweet love. I miss my family a lot; I cherish the time spent with my brothers. They both are my superstars! 

The festival of Rakshabandhan is coming again and I wish to amaze them with something very special. Well, I owe a very big thanks to FBN that offers a real great collection of rakhi gifts and sweets, which is gonna be an additional beauty along with the other things I have chosen to send them. 

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