Monday, 12 March 2018

New Relationship? Here are the Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Week has just arrived and the day is waiting for you both to celebrate love in the most interesting way. So, it’s not been long that you met each other and fell in love. Do you think it is too early for a grand Valentine’s Day Celebration? Do you need to know each other a little more? Alright! Here we have come up with lovely Valentine’s Day ideas for people who have just got into relationship and want to make it simple yet romantic and intense. Let’s read on.

A Coffeelicious Eve

If you have decided to enjoy the Valentine’s Day eve together, do not miss out on a conversation over coffee. A dark chocolate cake with coffee will surely blend a sense of love. Spend good time, talk a lot and know more about each other.

Join Dance Class

What could be more romantic than doing salsa with the partner who is none other than the one you’re dating these days? Ooh! La! La! This is the perfect time to get closer to each other. Also, you get to know a little more about his/her choices. However, before you decide on joining the class, make sure that your partner is also equally interested. A little care from your side will bring warmth in your relationship.

Go for Some Adventure

If you both are leaned towards doing adventurous things, look for a group or organization conducting adventurous within or nearby your town. It’s going to be unlimited fun to do some adventures together. You both will get more time to spend with each other.

A Romantic Dinner at Home

It’s pretty common to go out for a candle light dinner, however, cooking at home adds more charm and care to your relationship. Cooking for someone special is the sign of love and he/she is definitely going to fall in love with you once again. Place hot soup, creamy salad and of course red wine along with dinner on the dining table. What a wonderful valentine celebration it would be!

Indoor Games

Decide to play indoor games like carrom, chess or ludo. Again an excellent way to spend some beautiful moments with each other! You will get to know him/her more. Keep the sips on, while playing just to take time to look into each other’s eyes, it may be juice, tea or coffee.

Binge Watch Blockbuster Romantic Movies

Though you can go for a movie in theatre but nothing beats lying on the couch with popcorn at home while watching your favourite movie. Create a list of favourite movies of you both and binge watch at home. This is surely something very interesting and romantic.    

Visit Your Favourite Place

Is there a place in your town that you both love to visit? If yes, go for it. Stroll around hand in hand and start a marathon of words of love. This is how you will make it a perfect Valentine’s Day celebration.