Thursday, 7 April 2016

Family, The world of Eternal Happiness

We all have our own small world and we wish to spend whole life keeping this world around us. This world is beautifully made by maa, papa, and siblings. These people are the first ones to know us, to understand us and to make us feel special. In twenty seven years of my life, I have known that those days were the most beautiful just because of my precious family. I have seen them pamper me since childhood. Bachpan ki yaadein can never be faded. Especially on every birthday, they made me feel on top of the world. While reminiscing about childhood birthdays, I recall.

Papa’s Words
“Agar padhai nahi ki to cycle nahi milegi.” With games on mind, I used to obey his order just for a day or to and I again indulge in games. On the birthday, papa’s gift the dream cycle made the year. Yes, papa’s love is like that.

Maa Said

“Mera kehna nahi maana to kheer nahi banaungi.” Out of bad habit, I never used to listen to her. Although I ignored what she said, I always had every single food item of my choice on the plate on my birthdays. Mom’s love is unbeatable.

Bhai’s Wish

No wonder if we fought like hell a day before my birthday. Bhai never failed to buy beautiful gifts for me. Even though he wouldn’t say anything but put the gift on my bed. This is how bhai chooses to offer his never ending love.

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