Tuesday, 29 September 2015

FBN, letting you please your Precious Family

It is a matter of just a few years back when we all were together; a happy family of five. Both my younger brothers were busy in teasing me all day long. Mom was busy in scolding us while papa did the things in our favour. These were small things at that time. Mom’s constant calls for meals were a bit irritating, father’s teachings over studies didn’t sound ear pleasing, and brothers’ sweet deeds always seemed disturbing. It is a delayed realization that those days were incomparable. Someone has inked it so true that we do not value people till the time they are close to us; once we go a little far, the family is missed bad. 

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We three siblings are now at different places and try hard to get together frequently and spend some beautiful moments again. It is undoubtedly true that family’s love is powerful. I miss both my brothers, I miss my parents. Their teachings seem to be meaningful now. It feels nice to implement the things in life that I learned while being at home. Since, it has been months that I have met my precious family; I wish to send them love in form of lovely flower bouquet designed by FBN. And I am sure that it will be a successful deal as I am going to get lots of love from everyone. 

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