Tuesday, 11 August 2015

That Essence of Brother’s Love

We are three siblings; me, and two younger brothers. Our youngest brother is loved by all at home and since he is too young, we both kept him away from all stupid things we did. Being a bit close in age, I and my immediate brother often had fights, sharing, quarrels and everything that happens to be between a brother and sister. So, there has always been a special bond between us. During childhood, it was hard to see each other’s face and we both never wanted to include each other in any of our plans. Well, years passed by and we had to leave home; him for further studies and me for job. 

Coincidentally, after a few months we both happened to shift in the same city. Unwillingly, obeying parent’s order, we decided to rent an apartment and live together. He was busy with his studies and me with my work. Unknowingly, we began caring and got to know that we both have a corner of love for each other. We shared our everyday incidents during dinner, we learnt to live happily, we came to know how beautiful it is to live like this, we found ourselves mature enough to understand each other, we danced, laughed, ate pizza, and enjoyed together; actually, we shared life. Those were the days I got to know his best part, worst was known since childhood.

Today, as we live in different cities; I miss those moments bad. I now realize the essence of love sister and brother share. So, I have planned to send rakhi online and a beautiful flower bouquet through FBN’s online flower delivery to India on this rakshabandhan. 

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