Monday, 5 October 2015

That Best Friend

Those were the best days of my life when I was in college accompanied by my best friend ever. I found life amazingly beautiful with her. Whether it was a happy moment or a tough time, she was the one who never left me alone. She cried with me, laughed with me, smiled at everything I would do, and always showed me the right path. From morning till evening, everything used to be fantastic. Oh yeah! We loved each other unconditionally. Gradually, many other people added to this lovely set of friends and things became even more beautiful. We enjoyed so much together. 

Unfortunately, over the period of time, the additional people tried to create rift between both of us. We passed through misunderstandings, faced tough time, cried a lot, missed each other, and got separated. It were long five years after college was over that we did not speak a single word, never saw each other, however, missed each other bad. 

flowers for best friend

It was a beautiful morning when I woke up to heavy drizzle with a very positive mind. I don’t know what but I wanted to say thanks to this nature for everything. Well, it was unbelievable to see an outstanding flower bouquet by her with a message, 

“I loved you from every bit of my heart, please come back to my life and enlighten it again.”

I did nothing but broke down in tears, which was quite natural. I, with no delay, gave an unexpected call to her and we were finally able to sort out everything and became each other’s forever. Friendship rocks!

Well, I thanked the guy who delivered it. He had come from Flower Boutique by Neelu Sethi. I would also love to thank to the entire FBN team along with my friend for making my day, year, or I must say life.

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